Hi, We're Village

Having children can provide you with the most magical, life-enhancing experiences. 

But at the same time, being a parent can be exceptionally stressful!

With a new baby or toddler, there might be difficulties breastfeeding or sleep issues or toddler’s bad behavior. 


Children and adolescents sometimes cause concerns around picky eating, or educational concerns or difficult transitional phases. 


And there are the struggles some parents have themselves, whether that be post pregnancy body issues, post-natal depression or anxiety and relationship breakdowns.

Village was created to support you,

the parent. It gives you expert support on almost anything to do with being a parent. 

Quick, affordable and accessible help, when you need it most.


Our mission

To provide parents with support that is affordable and accessible - so when they are struggling with the challenges of being a parent, they get all the help they need. 

Our approach


Fast, Professional and Convenient support

Getting support can be hard!


You have to find the right professional at the right location, wait for their next available appointment, pay high rates for their services and sometimes commit to ongoing sessions or packages.

At Village, we do all the hard work for you...

We bring the very best experts right to the comfort of your own home via video calls. There is no wait-time, no ongoing commitments and the prices are affordable.  

So when when life as a parent gets hard, you can get the professional support you need.  

Village is an on-demand service.

Whether you are a parent in desperate need of help quickly and do not know where to turn; or you have the odd question here or there and want some occasional support without ongoing commitment, Village is here for you. 


One off sessions ‘as you need them' can be as effective as a more traditional ongoing therapeutic support. 

All village experts are experienced in the ‘on demand’  model of support and aim to target key concerns and provide active advice, tools and suggestions during the session.

Our advisors

The most important factor for effective support, is the therapeutic connection between the and the client and the advisor.

Village is a service of experts, created by experts. We understand that when you are struggling, the most important factor is to find someone you can connect with.

This idea is at the very forefront of the recruitment process. Every expert is picked for their extensive experience, expertise in their field and most importantly, the way in which they are  connect and support others. 

Meet a few of our advisors here:


Vonique Schmidt

Psychotherapist and Clinical Counselor


Carol Dafesh MS

Marriage and Family Therapist



Lauren Mayer

Educational Therapist and
Special Education Counselor


Elaine J. Skaggs

Postpartum Certified Doula and Certified Lactation Consultant


Maria Quintana-Pilling

Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner

Advisory Board

Dr Moshe Talmon, PhD

World-known leading psychotherapist and researcher, Dr Talmon is one of the founders of a psychotherapy method known as Single-Session Therapy.

Oded Ran

Serial entrepreneur and investor, Oded launched scaled and advised ecommerce and app start-ups companies in the US, UK and Israel.

Tara Deliberto, PhD

Asst. Professor at the med school of Cornell, Dr Deliberto is an expert in eating disorders and the author of Integrated Modular Therapy for Eating Disorders.

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