Frequently asked questions

What is Village?

Village is an online service that connects parents to advisors and consultants who support parents with the challenges they often face.  

We provide support via video-call making it a convenient, discreet and affordable way to access advice and therapy. Calls are offered anytime and anywhere, through a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Will I be able to speak with someone right away?


Our goal is to get you support as quickly as possible. We strive to have you speak to an expert within minutes of contacting us. However, there are times when the experts for your specific needs will be supporting other clients. In that instance we let you know how long the wait-time will be or give you the option to book your appointment for a later, more convenient time.  Nonetheless, Village aims to ensure that all calls are offered within 24 hours of your initial contact. .

Can I choose to book an appointment for a different more convenient day rather than speaking with someone right away?

Yes. When you go to book your appointment you will have the option to either speak with someone as soon as possible or if you prefer, you can book at appointment at a preferable date and time.

Who are the advisors?


All Village advisors are highly experienced, vetted consultants in particular fields.

For professions where governing boards require licensing (e.g. marriage and family therapists, psychologists, and nurses) Village only accepts advisors who are licensed and have required credentials.  For professions where there are no legislative governing bodies (e.g. lactation specialists, child behaviourists etc.), Village only accepts advisors who have been through the appropriate training and have sufficient experience in their field.  


All advisors undergo a vetting and interview process to ensure they hold the correct experience and skills for our service.



What is your appointment cancellation policy?

To set up your call, whether it is right away or if you are booking an appointment for a later time,  we require payment at the time of booking. You can request and receive a full refund if your appointment is at least 24 hours from time of cancellation. If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your appointment time you will not be eligible for a refund.  

Can I choose my advisor for my first appointment?

Village aims to get you expert support with the correct professional as quickly as possible. For this reason, we match you with the relevant advisor who has the next availability. All of our advisors are of excellent standard and have the appropriate training and experience for your needs.   


What do I do if I am unhappy with the advisor I was matched with?

If you have had your session and were no satisfied with the support you got, Village would love to hear from you and try to make it right. Depending on your circumstance we would be willing to offer you an additional session with a different advisor or a full refund on your call.

Village takes customer support very seriously and is dependant on honest feedback regarding any of our advisors. Should you wish to discuss this please do not hesitate to contact us:




Can I talk with the same advisor again or do I have to speak with a new one every time?


Once you have had an appointment with an advisor, you have an option to request to speak with that advisor again.  Nonetheless, all of our advisors are highly experienced and experts in their field. So should you speak with a different advisor you may benefit from getting a different perspective additional tools and techniques. With that in mind, Village would like to reassure all clients that speaking with whomever is available at the time may actually be more beneficial.    

How do the video sessions work?


Village is currently upgrading its platform to integrate our own highly functional, dynamic video service.  In the meanwhile video sessions will be conducted via Skype, Facetime or Google Duo. If you prefer not to have a video call, regular phone support without video can also be offered.  

I booked on for a 30 minute call will I be able to go over time if i need it?


Village is in the process of adding a feature that will let you extend your call time whilst you are on the call. However, at the moment we have no way of extending a call once it has started. For this reason we ask that you consider whether you think 30 minutes would be long enough for the nature of your call. The rule of thumb is that one 30 minutes is often ok for one specific question or issue but anything more than that, 60 minutes is usually more suitable.

Should you wish to continue speaking with your advisor, you can always book another appointment and request to speak with the same advisor again.   


If you are in a crisis or any other person may be in danger - don't use this site and dial 911.