Can I get expert help without committing to ongoing therapy?

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

illustration of session at therapist

Sometimes issues come up for you, and you think “I wish I could get some support or advice for this". Then, you quickly push the thought out of your head because getting help would just require too much.

Take couple counselling, for example. Most of us can think of times where we have been unhappy with some aspect of our relationship. You may have thought, “I’d love to speak to a professional and get some advice, maybe even some tools to help turn things around”. But the reality is that to do so would mean seeking out the right person, waiting for an appointment, travelling to that person’s office, seeing them on an ongoing basis and paying expensive therapy rates.

All of this, just to talk through a couple of things that are on your mind? It's no wonder we just power through, accepting the flaws of our relationships and living with flickers of discontent.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Dr. Moshe Talmon is a psychologist, researcher, author and senior lecturer who has dedicated much of his career to showing the effectiveness of having ‘one-off sessions’, aka "Single Session Therapy" (SST), to address issues as they come up. The results of his years of research are fascinating. Studies on SST have shown that:

  1. Even people with serious problems, such as trauma, depression, or anxiety, who never attended therapy previously, can be helped in a single session.

  2. People who experienced the SST method, reported very high levels of satisfaction and effectiveness as a result of their very initial sessions.

  3. Offering one-off sessions meant that even people who would normally not consider a traditional therapy, now feel more comfortable to seek help.

  4. SST approaches can be be applied to many professions and is suitable for a variety of orientations.

  5. Using online, mobile communications proves to be as effective means for SST as face-to-face.

So, you no longer have to live with the moments of dissatisfaction in your life. Nor do you have to sign up for a lengthy, costly and inconvenient treatment option. Through using an ‘in the moment’ SST approach, you can now get support for issues in an affordable, convenient way, as they arise.

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